Jaguar XJS - 1986 Bathurst 1000 - Goss + Muir C4400

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Jaguar XJS - 1986 Bathurst 1000 - Goss + Muir C4400

High Detail, Working Front & Rear Lights, Digital Plug Ready. 


The 1986 running of Australia’s great race, the Toohey’s 1000, saw John Goss and Bob Muir team up in this very pretty, but very powerful, class C Jaguar XJS. The largely white livery, broken only by the blue cheat line and mirror text, looked fantastic as the car hurtled around the famous Mount Panorama course to a 24th-place finish. A far cry from the dominant win the XJS achieved in 1984, but time was catching up to the big Jag, and other cars had made strides in the all-important development race.

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