Race's 2U

Race's 2U Two Hour Booking - Vancouver area

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Race's 2U Two Hour Booking - Vancouver area

We bring 2  table top tracks to your location

Set up will be an 1 .5 hours before your event starts so your Guests can start to Race as soon as you want. We will stay to help Racers and to make sure you get 2 hours of Racing!

The tabletop track can have 4 Racers at one time and the Drag Strip 2 Racers. So within 2 hours your Guests will have plenty of track action and even with larger numbers all will get an opportunity to Race.

Race's 2U will stand out at any event and is ideal from ages 6 - 99!

Bringing back old skool!

Contact us with any questions

mark@slotgrandprix.com or call 604-856-4235


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